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All bikes are in excellent condition.

1. We are located in the center and you can always leave your bike with us for free (parking service).

2. We always give you a bike with a full tank and ask you to return it with a full tank, otherwise you can pay $5.

3. Delivery within Nha Trang is free.
Delivery to Hanoi and Saigon is discussed individually.

4. All our bikes are equipped with a holder and phone charger (USB/WIRELESS).

5. Additionally, you can rent/buy from us: motorcycle protection (equipment), gloves, balaclava, action camera, full-face helmets with a walkie-talkie (motorcycle headset), etc.

We also organize MOTO TOURS in the wildest and most colorful neighborhoods of Saigon, Nha Trang + all over Vietnam (on MOTO tours you are the second passenger, each has his own beautiful personal driver-guide).

We also give driving lessons on a scooter and a motorcycle.

We carry out the selection in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang and Hanoi, upon request it is possible in other cities of Vietnam.

1.300.000 vnd (+-55$).

We can find even the rarest bike models for you.

The POLICE doesn't stop unless you violate them in front of their noses.
It is important to always ride in a helmet and in your own lane, not exceeding the local speed (drive like everyone else, in the stream).

1. Ride in helmets and do not violate the basic rules (do not drive in the opposite lane, do not cross 2 solid lanes, etc.), do not exceed the speed limit (city - 50 km, outside the city - 80 km).
2. Be visible in the side mirrors of car drivers (drive predictably and understand that here they drive as they want).
3. Park the bike on the territory of the hotel, take the helmets to your place for the night (+ block the steering wheel).
4. Gasoline refuel 95 (the bike may run worse on the rest of the fuel).

- Do not drive fast between rows of cars (in traffic).
- On gravel, sand and puddles - drive carefully, without making sudden movements / turns and strong brakes (such sections are very slippery for a bike).

1. Do you want to travel around Vietnam on a new bike? Cool!
You can buy it for yourself, and we are guaranteed to buy it back after your trip.
The benefit for you is free travel on a new bike (no need to pay rent).
The benefit for us is that after your trip, we buy a bike from you on individual terms that will suit us and help us develop our business.

2. If you are great at shooting videos and photos, going to Vietnam to travel and make quality content, then come to us. We are ready to give you a discount on renting a bike or even give you a bike for free (depending on the terms of cooperation). Write to us soon to discuss all the details!

Are you a business owner? Do you have your own restaurant, hotel or travel agency? Congratulations! We are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation to promote each other's services! Let's accelerate the growth of our companies together!
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